Friday, March 2, 2012


Munnar is a gorgeous hill station of Kerala. From Andali to Munnar right during sunrise was refreshing.  I kept my head out the window staring at all the greenest tea estates, spice gardens, and even wineries.  It is known for it's trekking, tea estates, view points, and fresh items such as: jam, fruits, teas, honey, nuts, and spices.
Biking through the tea estates, trekking through the tea estates, Deyaksville, Echo point, the dam, speed boating from side to side, the passion fruit, the ginger masala tea, the fresh cashews, the local cuisine, watching mad love on valentines day, veg thali meals, running into annoying girl, the sunset, and the nice just married couple from Delhi who shared their coconuts and fruit with me.  Everything tastes so good in Munnar because it is fresh and straight from the ground or earth I should say.
The Man That Touched By Soul
There was a beautiful soul walking down the river way towards the dam.  He was probably about 80 years old, struggling to walk, and looked exhausted.  I held my hand over his shoulder and we just stared off into each others eyes.  What can I do for this man? I can give him money, but is a bill going to make a lasting impact on his life? He left and walked up the street slowly.  I just stood there and watched him walk away. I wish there was something more I could do for this man, but again we can not help them all. 

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