Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Staying Home-Ignoring the Signs

After Reliance episode and a couple buses further, a train ride with little sleep- I just wanted to relax.  Meeting my host for the first time, he is a very typically sweet Indian man who lives with his mother and father.  Surprisingly, he is separated after an arranged marriage gone spoiled.  He dabbles in a few different things, but one of those things is tourism opening up a tour company in Sri Lanka. I love the people who think outside of the box. 
At around 7:30pm, we drop off my luggage in his home.  I meet his family and get settled in and think that we are just staying inside, but he mentions heading back out for some dinner.  I had eaten a lot of heavy local  dishes that day so I was not that hungry and my intuition told me just stay home.  I had been writing for a while and my mind was still on writing mode.  My body felt exhausted from the 10 hour train and the lack of sleep.  Instead of staying home, Priscilla just ignores the intuition and goes back out and her is what happens....

Near his home, there are many plazas of commercial things like Dominos, Pizza hut, bakeries, and McDonalds-not appealing, but the subway is always appealing to me. I like the Subways in India. I request going to the Subway since I ate so much heavey food today.  The subway has a closed gate in front with no lights at 7:30pm.  My host says that he has never seen anything like this and he has been living in this area for five years.  I start laughing because A.) Should have stayed home B.) my Indian luck.  
We then proceed to another location that is low on bread and is serving day old bread.  I act like a brat and say, “ I don’t want anything.” We ask what happened to the first subway location and he says they ran out of bread.   The signs told me to stay inside and not go back out- I go back out and things are closed, out of stock, and I am just getting more frustrated.   I think back to last time this mood hit me and where I went to feel comfort and the place that always comes through with excellence-Dominos.  The staff is friendly and I feel good energy when I enter.  When my pizza comes it is burnt and looks eaten-I never have seen this at Dominos and can not believe what I am seeing.  The signs point Priscilla right home to bed where she belongs.

Do you see the signs, but you ignore them? Learning to read your intuition is an art that can be learned overtime.   It may be the way your body is feeling, your mind, your heart, and especially your gut.  Intuition can be correlated with doubt.  Many times feeling doubtful or unsure can be your intuition speaking to you.  We are conditioned to respond to our environment and people.  My host wanted to go eat so I decided to go.  Your friends want you to go out, but you feel you should just stay home.  We are influenced by people and the laws set up by our society and we have a tendency to forget about listening to our body. 
Coming from a spiritual standpoint, God speaks to us.  If you are spiritual and believer, then tuning into these signs can help bring you closer to God.  You can become more trusting of not only God, but the relationship you have created, which aids you in reading your spiritual intuition.   PRIS

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