Saturday, March 24, 2012

But I love you...

It has been absolutely crazy the men who are becoming attached and in love after five minutes.  When I share my stories about traveling, I like to joke around about the men doing impressions of their crazy love for me. 

The camel safari was great, but of course there was another man who had fallen in love-the camel man.  Another love connection made and verbally expressed for Priscilla.  I feel bad for these men and their desperate attempts for love.  Sometimes I am very nice and let them down easily and most times I am clear that I am not interested. I can say I have a boyfriend or I am married and they just keep trying regardless.  When it feels like they get the picture, I hear the few words that make me laugh...
But I love you

Priscilla: I do not like you and I would never like you. Nice girl is over there I can go talk to her for you.

Camel man: No, other girl I want you

Priscilla: I do not like men I like girls

Camel man: I make egg curry for you and buy you some beer

Priscilla: No egg curry and no beer- no thank you.

Camel man: But I love you

Priscilla: Ohhh boy!

Camel man: I give you nice food and nice hotel

Priscilla: That is very nice, but NO!

Camel man: Please come meet me tomorrow in town. If you no come my heart broken long, long time.  
Priscilla: I can not meet you because I am leaving tomorrow.  One day I will come back to Jaselmere and bring you nice girl.
Camel man: But I love you...

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