Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Adventure of Jaipur

Woke up today to the loud Bollywood music from the night before.  My family I am staying with likes to blast the music every morning around 7 am.  I wake up to hear Sima usually shouting at the boys, dogs barking, and local domestic work being done- I love it.   In the local village area, everyone knows each other and they are all well connected.  The mothers of the family are strong, hardworking, and keep the family together.  The love between them is amazing and I love watching their interactions.  Sima and her husband- I come in to see them laying in bed watching a movie.  She lies in his arms and he cradles her staring into her eyes with such adoration and love.  The boys are always so sweet saying “Good morning” and “how are you? They go off to sell various cultural pieces like jewelry, key chains, bangles the nearby Amber Fort.
Sima brings me chai in bed while I write-she is so sweet and I love my time with her.  With Raju and Manesh, and a little Nepali boy we head to the Lake Sagar.  Like a  Bollywood adventurist, I decide to trek to the Jagarah fort and try to enter from the backside.  Little Nepali and Manesh are yelling at me “Danger, danger,” but I do not listen.   It is closed off and tourists sit up on the top looking at the girl climbing up the broken fort stairs.  We sit at their local spot and engage in some nice meditation.  There is nothing, but cows, goats, and silence. I am wondering where my 20 year old is and he ends up showing up.  The boys always comes following-I should know this ha!  
My Chamak callo(the 20 year old) arrives with another friend and we make jokes about Chamak cello liking Lady boys because he is young and has many girls-but most of them are not cute, which is concerning.  I want to go for a motor bike ride and his friend has a bike so he races me down the hill-so fast my hat flies off onto the pavement.  The other boys get on a local’s bike and ride beside us back to the house.
Off I go on my solo exploration to Jagara Fort where I meet a car full of guys from Delhi who drive me up the hill.  We go around together and are laughing at Bipu who is a bit shy and chubby. They are all married except for Bipu who is a Bachelor-the cute chunk of love that is single-so cute. Off I go with my new friends to lunch and we cram in the car singing songs and dancing-adventure, adventure, and more adventure. 
They invite me to go to ChokiDahani with them and I decline as I have a wedding to go to and I have a 20 year old chamak cello to attend to ha!

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  1. hi this is raj one of the delhi boys, He is not bipu he is papu.