Friday, March 23, 2012

Day After Holi

The city is back ON. During Holi everything is shut down-it is just like Christmas where everything is closed except for a few restaurants and random shops. 
Had chai with my family and then went by Raju’s house to see if everyone was up for breakfast.  I arrive there all excited to see everyone and they are all asleep at 10am.  Oh the young ones sleeping late.  Ricky is sleeping and he looks adorable-he is seriously such a cute KID.  I have to keep telling myself KID, but I rarely like anyone under 30 so I am cutting myself a break on this one. 
I decide to head to Amber fort, which is incredible-not on the UNESCO list YET, but it definitely will be SOON.  It is such a peaceful place as there are many places you can just sit and relax.  I found a nice, shaded spot tucked in between a few columns and overlooking the lake and garden.  It is a great place to listen to my classical music read and write, which is what I do throughout the day. The fort is like a maze where you can just get lost in the living and dining quarters.  I continue on with my usual exploring, which is walking into the dark corners and caves where most people are not going.  I read chapters of my book on my ledges of the fort while staring out into the garden, the lake, the clear blue sky, and observing the many people.  

It is beautiful outside and I decide to walk to the Jagarah and Nagarah Fort.  It turns out being a 10KM walk, but is my boot camp walk as I need to get my body back into shape.  People pass by and offer me rides up, but I am enjoying my peaceful walk and stopping and taking in the views and the sunset.  I make it to the sunset point and meet some nice boys from Delhi who give me a ride to the bottom. 
Heading back to my amazing family’s home I sit down with them and tell them about my day.  They tell me to get ready because they are taking me to a Holi party at their brother’s home.  My favorite person, Sima, lends me her Sari to wear.  We sit and laugh as the blouse is too small and two buttons just will not close.  With one slight move, I am afraid it will bust, but we make it work.  Up on the motor bike, Sima and Simran(my nick name because we are dynamic duo) sit on the bike.  You are really initiated as an Indian when you wear a sari and sit on the back of the motor bike sideways  We laugh on our way over as I am unsteady and afraid of falling.  Arriving at their family’s home starts off a bit quite, but then the party starts with the bollywood music.  

I start to dance with a young boy, which turns into a comedic performance between us.  He dances like a fool and takes off his shirt swinging it around like a Chippendale dancer.  I am dancing with a broom using it as a prop to memorize him into a dancing love spell.  I was enjoying myself so much, but again I wanted to leave so I could go and see my Chamak cello.  Everyone heads to bed and I head over to the next house to see the boys. We sit together as they sing Hindi music to me and I am fliring with my Chamaka cello.  I place my hands through his hair and he holds my hand.  We just sit together and it feels nice- the comfort of being with someone and feeling someones touch vs. being alone.

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