Friday, March 2, 2012

Russians, Russians, Russians

Goa is pretty much like a Little Russia.  The Russians are always funny with their negotiation tactics, their loud and over assertive behavior, drinking, and partying.  What caught my attention was not the drinking, the guys, but the women.  The women’s bodies are incredible-flawless some might say. They are genetically blessed and many of my Russian friends also received this blessing. 
Besides the sick bodies, Russians are buying property in Goa and local Goans have their mixed reviews about the Russian invasion.  In North Goa, many are engaged in prostitution and drug use of course. My friend, Solomon, has Russian friends, but dislikes his obnoxious neighbors.  My friend, George, thinks the Russians are entertaining and funny.  I saw a Russian girl wearing an expensive bathing suit and some serious bling try and offer 50 rupees for 10 oranges and a huge bag of vegetables.  Talk about low balling?  I saw another Russian have a fit over the size of a coffee cup.  I saw another Russian take an hour to order a paneer dish as she was asking about each and every ingredient.   Oh Da Russians. Ha!

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