Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Amritsar to Himachal Pradesh(Dharmasala)

Real life, real religious ceremonies, real domestic tasks- the beautiful bus rides are back!
Himachal Pradesh – Lush greens, rivers, small hidden temples in waterfalls and on hill tops, locals on the bus putting hands in alms after passing temples, monkeys sitting on the side of the road, kids playing outside and parents looking at them like they are the best thing that ever happened to them, variety of facial features and changes, kids smiling so bright it makes up for the lack of sun in the sky, fish fry sold on the side roads, huts of various shapes and houses of bright colors, mountains fading into the skyline creating a portrait in the sky, lights shining like stars from homes in the hills.

The faces of people are so different from the Indian familiar faces.  People are way fairer complected with Asian features or Turkish, Israeli, Middle East. Many working and living in the city are from Kashmere, Tibet, Nepal, and Northern areas surrounding the borders of Bengal and Nepal.  It was fascinating for me to look around at everyone.  India has such variety of features, especially when it comes to traveling around the North.  One bus to Godren and another bus to Dharmasala(sitting on the floor on my bag)with locals cheering clapping about something-so happy) and another bus to McLeod-three buses one day.  I notice that everyone is dressed in corduroys and wool jackets.  I am a bit concerned with my spring attire of a long top, leggings, and my shower flip flops ha. 

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