Friday, March 23, 2012

Putting Love On Hold

I feel like I am putting my love for someone on hold.  I keep traveling, but my heart misses this person.  My friend Bindy said, “Always follow your heart.”  My heart is split in half between traveling/working with people and going to see my love to be with him. 
I do not want to move my life for a man-I have done it before and it just prevented me from doing, seeing, being, traveling, exploring, and living. I am not ready for this commitment, but my thoughts become distracted by this person-this longing that Maria wrote about-this passion. 
How do we put our love for someone on hold? The power of the human mind is incredible, but is it possible to train the mind to put someone on complete extinction? In CBT, our thoughts, feelings/emotions, and behavior is interconnected.  If we are having thoughts about a person that makes us feel happy then it is natural to keep having these thoughts.
It is possible to redirect our thoughts, but is it possible to redirect our emotions? Our feelings for another have a tendency to trump all other thoughts making them not as meaningful.  Again, it is possible to tune out these thoughts and refocus your energy, but this also requires consistent effort and must be repeated many times to stay inside the memory.

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