Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Morning Mumbai!

For so long I have wanted to come to Mumbai/Bombay.  When I was a kid, I never knew the exact city my dad was from so I would always say “Bombay.” My father is from Bangalore, which is in the South, but saying Bombay just sounded cool.  People almost always responded with, “Oh that is quite a nice city.”  As a young one, I was wondering and dreaming about what Bombay would be like, especially with the strong Bollywood influence.  

Mumbai is another city with a beating pulse, the newspaper, the food, the train,  Bollywood, the varieties of people on the train, the traffic, the noise, the streets are full of life.  The bus and train have separate seating for ladies, and the bus is so crowded people are hanging off the sides just like the trains.  People are dressed with more style and you may see a Bollywood looking celebrity, a school student, a farmer, a street vendor, or a banker.  The city moves quickly and is fast paced like New York-not much different actually. 
In the morning, it is the best time to see the real people of Mumbai. I just sat for a couple hours watching the train go by amazed with all the people and the morning rush.  I thought New York was fast-these people are pushing on the train two stops before their actual stop. Good morning Mumbai!!

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