Saturday, March 24, 2012

Priscilla Misses the Routine

Before leaving on my trip, I had my routine down almost flawlessly.  I woke up early, went running, made my Yogi tea, did my yoga, prepared my meals the ways I wanted to eat, read my book, watched 90210, and headed to the city for various events/concerts.  I had an accessible washing machine/dryer, a refrigerator to drink cold milk, a shower that actually had pressure and hott water all the time, 24 hour electricity, a bicycle with breaks and a lock,and most importantly I had a space-my room.
There is something special about having a space or your own a place to call home(I did not intentionally rhyme that).  I have always loved having my own room and especially my own bed.  Having a bed with sheets I washed once a week and ensured they were extra clean, my white down comforter, my elephant mirage hanging over my window, sitting in my window sill and staring out into the city lights.  Notice I am not mentioning the materialistic things like purses, shoes, dresses, cds, etc.  It is important for a person to have a space. 

Like Elizabeth commented on her traveling, she felt her morale decreasing a bit after 6 months.  I feel like I just want a space, not in the US by any means, but a space somewhere where I can write, sleep peacefully without mosquitoes, make tea, do yoga, and have silence.  I basically want to have an old person’s routine for sometime to focus soley on my writing. 

Being off the routine, I have gained weight, I miss taking my vitamins, drinking tea without sugar and milk, and having my own space where I can unpack my whole backpack and not just a few things here and there. 

The excitement of the road is still present, but routine is creeping itself in as time goes by……

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