Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Opening New Doors

Words from: Shakti Gawain
The more we practice following our intuition, the more faith we get, because we see that it really does work. Not only is nothing disastrous happening (as in our worst fears), but our lives are actually getting better and better. Remember to start with small steps until you build a sense of confidence in yourself and can gradually tackle bigger issues.
Your intuition will most likely push you gently toward taking some appropriate risks and trying new things. For example, you might have a fantasy of doing something creative that you haven't done before, such as taking art, dancing, or music lessons. An inner critic voice might try to stop you from risking failure or embarrassment by whispering in your ear, "Don't be silly, you're not creative!" or "You're much too old to start something totally new." You can acknowledge your inner critic and thank it for its attempt to protect you from humiliation. Then you can go ahead and give it a try anyway.
Your intuition may be trying to show you that you have a new direction in which you need to move or that there is something within you that is trying to come through. If you give yourself permission to try it, you don't have to be great at it; just do it for fun. Follow your intuitive impulse and see what happens. It may open a new door for you. It may give you a chance to play and discover a new part of your personality that you haven't learned to express before.

Suppose you have always wanted to start your own business. Allow yourself to fantasize about it. Start thinking about what steps you could take in that direction. Ask your intuition to show you what to do. Try following any impulse you might have to explore this possibility. It may be that nothing will happen, or that you take a few steps and then feel blocked. This may be an indication that this is not the best course of action for you at this time. Or it may mean that you need to be open to it happening in a totally different and unexpected way. Stay open and see what happens. I know many people who have become very successful this way.
As you learn to live from your intuition you may find that the process of making decisions changes. Rather than just trying to figure things out in your head, you follow your intuitive feeling for a while and let things unfold. In the process, the right decisions usually get made.
For example, if you are unhappy in your job, don't immediately make a decision to go in and quit, unless you truly have a strong gut feeling that that is the best course of action. Instead, explore and acknowledge your feelings, such as, "I'm really unhappy here, I'd like to work with people more," or whatever. Then turn it over to your intuition and allow it to show you step by step what you need to do. You will probably find that something will emerge. You may find that your current job changes and improves, or you may get an inspiration about a different career and begin to explore that possibility. You may follow an impulse to interview for another job and find that it is right for you. Or you may get very clear that you need to resign, and it will feel appropriate to do so. The right action will emerge from the process.

If you have a problem to solve, or a desire to fulfill, try turning it over to your intuition. For example, if you feel like your social life is boring or unrewarding and you'd like to make new friends, consciously ask your intuition to guide you in this process. You might find that a week or two later you read about a hobby group and you intuitively feel drawn to attend. You may end up joining a camera club or a hiking club and find a new circle of friends with a common interest.

Some people fear that trusting their intuition will lead them to do things that are purely selfish, irresponsible, or hurtful to others. In reality, the opposite is true. Since intuition is connected to our souls and to the universal intelligence, it is always guiding us to our own highest good and the greater good for all concerned.
When we follow our intuition, we sometimes behave in new and different ways, and others may sometimes be temporarily disappointed or upset. For example, if you are a very giving person who has always tried to please and care for others, your intuition may push you to learn to say "no" when you really don't want to do something, and to set better boundaries with people. At first, this might upset someone. In the long run, however, you and everyone else you relate to will be healthier and happier because of this change.

It's actually quite amazing to watch how the intuitive process sorts things out so that everyone ends up exactly where they need to be, doing exactly what makes them happiest.

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