Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This book was verryyy difficult for me to read.  I am not referring to the difficulty of the content, but the principles and ideas that I am already thinking about,  theorize about, and my logo Believe in your purpose.  It was just time I could have invested in my own book.   
1.)  This book is very generic and commercial- he is just copying and pasting a bunch of basic theories and principles into one book with a lot of editors help

2.)  The set up is annoying with every single statement sounding perfectly cookie cut into place

3.)  I understand he was trying to convey the socially constructed life conforming into the spiritual/religious path, but it was superficially constructed

4.)   The main thing that I did take home from this book was learning to say “No” and the importance of time management.  I am always giving my time to others, but I need to make sure to focus in on my commitment-writing.  Each time I choose to interact with others it takes away from my own time.  Each hour counts. 

Here are the Sages of Sivana (The fable created with life Principle to Internal Happiness)

1.)  Master your mind

2.)  Follow your purpose

3.)  Practice Kaizen-connection between mind, body, and soul

4.)  Live with Discipline

5.)  Respect your time

6.)  Serve others Selflessly

7.)  Embrace the Present

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