Monday, March 5, 2012

Hampi To Hospit to Hubli To Mumbai?

The thing with India is that you can either do things the low budget way or take the easy way out and just book private buses all over.  I decide to take the low budget route not just because the money, but because I absolutely love the experience and it is true India. 
Previously, I had asked my buddy Manju about how to get to Mumbai and he said go to Hospit and then take another bus to Hubli to take the train to Mumbai.   The Goa-Mumbai route is suppose to be fabulous, but that would be an extra 6 hours and I did not want to put effort into planning.  The more and more I travel, the less and less I want to plan. 

The bus ride was not my usual dream ride as it was not at all scenic.  Throughout, it just looked like Goa with dead grass in the fields, stumps, and hidden nature. 

Hubli is know for it’s sweets made of creamy milk and it’s ice cream.  This is not a city that I need to go to, but temptation will always present itself and that is where self-regulation comes in.  I end up eating the orange ladus, which are the only Indian sweet I really love and the jalmoons otherwise most of it does not interest my taste buds.  The ladus melted in my mouth and the Aditya pistaccio ice cream made me happy.  I sat inside the shop with the store owners kicking my feet around and chomping on my ice cream.  I know it is hard to believe, but these simple moments are some of the best for me. 

I eat a veg meal next to some nice guys from Balari, which is a city near Hampi.  I sit and watch all the men going to buy alcohol and beers.  The one man is so hungry I watch him stuff three bananas in his mouth at one time.  I watch the comical interactions between the men observing their facial expressions and body language.  The Indians are quite entertaining to watch.  They are really in a league of their own. 

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