Friday, March 23, 2012

Pris Goes to Rajasthani Wedding #1

Rajasthani traditional wedding the groom comes on a horse, there is a band playing on the street with the wedding family and members following and dancing, throwing money in the air, and fireworks going off.  Again, I was being a traditional Indian woman sitting on the bike in a sari with my family friends following the band through the street.  I jumped off the bike and was running along the side trying to get pictures.  After our dinner, I met the bride who was quite sad.  The leaving of the parent’s home is like an end of an era for Indians as they is such unity and love with family.  
My family wanted me to stay close to them as they were worried about the boys flirting with me.  She says, “Boys, bad very bad.” I just laugh and appreciate their concern for me, but am used to men approaching and wanting to get to know the foreigner.  We end up finishing the wedding early and I go over to hang out with my chamak cello, Raju, and his friend.  We dance to bollywood hits and we finally become a bit closer- I am content with our dancing and getting close and it just remains as strong flirtation, which is exactly where I want it to stay.  And that fairytale story ends with some nice moments of flirtation, but Priscilla realizing that 20 year old boys are just not her cup of tea.

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