Friday, March 23, 2012

Commitment Current Reading by Elizabeth Gilbert

What I love about this book is my connection to the writer.  She is a real, living breathing human being, an American who is aware of the flawed culture and how it impacts the sanctity of marriage.  Elizabeth Gilbert does not pretend to be something she is not.  She is aware of her imperfections as a human being and she knows the meaning of love-not just through reading studies and theories, but from real life experience. 

“Our choice-rich lives have the potential to breed their own brand of trouble.  We are susceptible to emotional uncertainties and neuroses that are probably not common among those collective cultures such as the Hmong in Vietnam”
Too much freedom-world at your fingertips results in difficulty making decisions.  Nothing is certain, routined, or necessarily planned leaving you so many life choices that it seems almost overwhelming.  The potential of your being and the ability to be anywhere with anyone at anytime.  It is all just one person’s individual decision-your decision. 

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