Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lazy with Languages

I really could have learned basic Hindi by now, but I have become side tracked with people and sightseeing.  Not to mention, I have put very little effort into learning.  I was originally looking for a Hindi book way back in Goa and then became sidetracked with other books along the way.  Knowing Hindi would get me local discounts because everyone says I look Indian, beneficial for improved communication, and signficantly important for volunteer work.  Still I am not writing down phrases and words like I was with Kannada language-Bangalore. 

I have met many people who speak 5-20 languages and I am barely speaking two.  Languages are just not my thing.  Some people are very talented at picking up the language quickly, and I am not, but I also do not put in the effort.  Start learning Priscilla come on!

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