Monday, March 5, 2012

Incredible Indiaaaa

Sometimes people who live in India never leave.  While I do not support people never exploring and not moving outside their comfort zone, I can see why people have never left India.  The amount of beauty from state to state is incredible.  One can spend years traveling through the 26 states of India.  It is not something that can be explored in just one trip, three trips, or even five.  It takes many trips to truly explore the beauty of India. What is So beautiful you may ask?
Yoga, meditation, ashrams, temples, churches, wildlife sanctuaries,the food(specifically they way they make it, the spices, and the heart that goes into it), warm hospitality and kind hearts,  hill stations, villages, colors, all kinds of wildlife, big cities, national parks, spirituality, the general living and way they function, trains, tea/coffee, Mountain tops, view points, lakes, seas, beaches, the Himalayas, the architecture, ancient ruins,  and the amazing amounts of culture. 

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