Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh My Udaipur the Fairytale City

It is also called, “The Venice of the East” and “The Most Romantic City in India.” 
Udaipur is full of rich, diverse, incredible culture.  The colors, art work, dress, music, instruments, temples, homes, and the tradition are so RICH.  Just walking down the narrow streets, you can see the culture first hand.  Culture follows the locals around all day long whether in temple, in their home, outsides their home, in their shops, the restaurants, the architecture resembling religious gods, elephants, horses, camels, gardens, mountains, lakes, palaces, royalty, the 7 star hotel #2.  
Exploring the City Palace, motor bike ride to the Nandra temple outside the city, and the Jain temple joining in with the locals singing and praying.  
The back drops are magical, the sunsets are magical, everything is like a dream here- a dream I do not want to wake up from.  And this is just the beginning of Rajhastan wow!

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