Friday, March 23, 2012

The Prince Charming of His Own Wedding

The second wedding I attended was just like a fairytale.  2500 people, beautiful saris, men all dressed in traditional attire, amazing food, live band, and royal treatment. Men are trying to talk to me, but I am very distracted by the food.  I sit at the table and a beautiful girl asks me every minute if I need anything-the royal treatment.  The set up is beautiful with a Rajasthani royal kick of plush spots to sit and relax, a fountain, and gorgeous flower displays.  I met the Bride who looked so nervous and was so sweet asking me, "So How do I look?" As many Indian brides, she was decked out in dazzling sparkles, many bangles, mendi with her face covered.  

With the bride being upstairs in the hotel room, the groom is about to arrive on the white horse. I heard the rush of people in the front and naturally I run to the front to see the arrival of the Prince(I mean groom). Down the red carpet, on a white horse, dressed in white comes a real life Prince charming.  He looked like he was the Prince from Aladdin or a disney movie-an adorable smile and face, the perfect height, and build. He rode on the horse with all his friends in front and his immediate female family members behind him.  They were doing the typical throwing of money into the air and traditional dance and he was smiling so bright I felt his happiness.  
 Seeing this groom made me quickly forget about the 20 year old I had just met and redirect my interest to the true types of men that I love.  
What is with Priscilla meeting guys who are not available? It is not very nice of my higher power to keep doing this. I wonder why God keeps bringing unavailable men into my life.  I have an option between a 20 year old and men that have girlfriends.  Obviously, no men with girlfriends and someone who is twenty is fun flirtation for a couple days, but nothing more.  Perhaps it is a sign there is a prince charming waiting for me in Istanbul or perhaps is a sign to keep me focused on work and not distracted by men..
I just kept staring at him while eating a piece of vanilla cake and washing it down with pistachio's Kulfi drink thinking  “Where is my prince charming?” My friend says that it is normal for Rajasthani men to look like princes because of their attire. I said to him, "I wish that was the case, but not with this guy." 

Being invited by a couch surfer(an older, sophisticated guy who manages the hotel), I enjoy our chats on travel and his motivation towards living and exploring.  He tells me the connection between mind and heart are important and happiness should drive our career not money or people.  Amen to that!
Over our coffee,I can tell that he might want to be my Prince Charming.  He offers me a yellow rose and tells me I look beautiful. It does not make me feel uncomfortable and his gesture is just sweet and I appreciate it.  Being a polite, gentlemen, he kindly drives me home shaking my hand good bye and another nice person that I wonder when I will meet again.  THE END.

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