Friday, March 23, 2012

Priscilla Is Not a Backpacker

Backpacking around for five months now, I realize that I am not a "backpacker." I have significantly reduced the materialism in my life, which is beneficial to me, but I am growing tired of the backpack.  Generally, observing this whole “backpacker culture,” I really do not feel like I am a part of it.  The backpackers I see always look dirty and have a certain “backpacker smell.” They are always wearing ali baba(baggy pants) with flip flops, their hair looks disheveled, and they just do not look fresh.  I guess the best way to describe them would be to call them “hippies.” 

Priscilla is not a hippie by any means.  I am a believer, a lover, a passionate being, but I would not define myself as hippy.  Hippies love Bob Marley and smoking grass and marijuana and everything is “peace, love, and no worries.”This is not Priscilla. 
Many of the backpackers, in India especially just look like a hot mess walking around with nothing matching, holes in their clothing, and just messy.  I like keeping my backpack clean and doing my laundry every few days.  I wash my gym shoes, sandals, and wash things sometimes twice to ensure they are clean.  I put air fresheners and bounce sheets through the pockets of my bag-I guess you get the picture.
I also do not like backpacker guys at all just for the record.  I am not attracted to smelly guys with no money, no job, and no direction.  I like my guys older, stylish, driven, responsible, and successful so you can look boys, but no touch. 

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