Friday, March 23, 2012

The Camel Ride

Walking down the streets of Udaipur one sees many camels and even more opportunities to ride the camels.  I was surprised to see them, but I learned that the camel is the national animal of Rajhastan.  After some negociating, I was able to ride the camel for 15 minutes along the lake and it was fabulous.  Her name was Bindi.  It was so nice riding along the beautiful, picturesque lakeside. Riding a camel is easier than an elephant because the natural humps to sit on and your body stays in place throughout the ride.  At the end, I was acting like a ten year old and stayed on the camel.  The guys kept laughing of course and told me it was time for “camel nappy time.” Oh india! They joke that since I am a “rich” American girl I can take her for the day for $1,000 dollars ha! This is just the first time Priscilla goes on camel, but definitely not the last.

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