Saturday, March 24, 2012

Give me my Spice!

Sitting in Pushkar at a local spot cravng some Rajasthani thali, I sit with some locals talking about my book Commitment.  I sit with them and talk about American love and marriage.  This man says, “I know Julia Roberts-she is American famous woman.” He even heard of the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love,” which I was impressed that he knew this film.  He proceeded to talk about love and how he eats and prays, but he does not know what this love thing is all about.  I just sit and smile and him and say, “ Perhaps one day you will find out my friend.”  
As we are talking, the three local men are being served seconds, but my first thali has not come yet.   I ask him what is going on and he says he is making me a special thali that will take an extra twenty minutes.  I respond, “Special thali?” He says, “Yes, thali with no spice.” I raise my voice tone and say, “No, I want my spice.” The locals and a couple tourists burst out laughing.  I try to explain to him that not all tourists want their spice taken away and especially an Indian girl does not want her spice taken away.  I tell him again, “I’m Indian, I like my spice.” They are laughing and ignoring me and telling me that it is still going to take twenty minutes.  I do not want to wait and I know my food is going to take forever with my big deal I just made.  Perhaps, Priscilla would not make a big deal if Indians let her have her spice.  I am Indian give me my spice!

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