Monday, March 5, 2012

German Bakeries Please Go Away

It is commonly known that I have a problem with sugar.  I love sugar, but expensive kinds of sugar like French pastries, gourmet cupcakes, gelatos, and baked cakes/muffins.  I thought that coming to India that my sugar control would be off the radar, but this is definitely not the case. 
Everyday I eat Indian food, but I also enjoy stops at German bakeries.  I figure India has these “German Bakeries” to cater to the German tourism because the bakeries are definitely not German.  They have anything from fresh croissants to cakes to cookies.  Many would think “A german bakery in India-I do not want to eat there.” Being a snob with sugar and things being fresh, the  german bakeries almost always have the freshest and best stuff, which is unfortunately not good for me. 

I also have come to love the Indian sweets too so I do not seem to catch a break.  Thank you German bakeries for making life just more difficult for me, but also a thank you for those chocolate balls and nutella croissants honey banana bread, and museli cookies ha!

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