Monday, March 5, 2012

Goa-A place for Indians to Release

Goa is a common place for local Indians to come and relax, take a load off after working so hard, enjoy, sip on a drink, party and let it all out, and enjoy some shopping/restaurants. 
 It is also a place for those who are different, unique, special and a place for those who want to express their REAL SELVES.It is a place where people can be free with their identify, sexuality, thoughts, desires, wants, needs, and passions. They do not have to fear being judged because everyone is different and it is free to be who ever you want to be.  For me, this is the beauty of Goa(and the sunsets of course=)

With this freedom of expression, people explore and truly learn about themselves.  There is diversity and richness of people's character being expressed. People do not have to suppress their emotions, desires, and passions.  Perhaps Goa is so popular because it is a place to release the suppressed Indian emotions?

In India, the emotions are constantly hidden underneath an "idealized self". 
Indians are suppose to be successful, religious, be a good father/son/upstanding citizen to society, and avoid their desires and wants.  No smoking, drinking, promiscuity, risk taking behavior, no women or even men traveling alone to foreign places, etc. 
Indians are suppose to live a life that makes the God's proud while making their parents proud.  This is admirable, but it does not guarantee happiness and satisfaction of the person. 
Of course, this does not just happen in India.  Within families, parents want their children to act, behave, and present themselves to society in a certain way.  They want the best for their children and want their children to make them proud.  It is just increasingly present for Indian families because of the strong religious component. 

Traveling for two months, I have come across many Indians who are secretly engaging in behaviors of their choice.  I have met Indians who have never engaged in any kind of desirable behavior i.e. drinking, smoking, staying up late, etc.  Of course, it all varies, but my theory is that those who want to engage in the risk taking behavior or want to experiment should be able to do so.  They should live and let their true selves be expressed rather than suppressing their emotion, desires, and wants. 
Many Indians may continue to just live their lives in a bubble and not follow through on their desires, wants, and passions.  They may just ignore the desire and redirect it elsewhere or they may just go on their holiday to Goa to let it all out. 
Let it all out in Goa Indians- Pris fully supports the expression of the true self and letting go of the idealized self for a few days, a week, or if Goa makes you comfortable and feel happy-then a lifetime. 

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