Friday, March 23, 2012

A Meeting with London Local and The Celebrity Stylist

Coming to Mumbai, I figured it would be a great place to get my hair done with all the Bollywood stars.  After all, my favorite hair places were in Hollywood so Bollywood was not too far off when it comes to posh hair salons.  Near the promenade, I met a nice new friend named Tim who was from Northern India bordering Nepal and Pakistan.  She was super cute, fashionably dressed with the first pair of men’s shoes I have seen a girl wear in India, a pair of boyfriend cut jeans, and a cute blazer-fashionable rare to see in India.  She referred me to her cousin who is  celebrity stylist and I knew it would be a good referral from her hair to her fashion to her shoes.   

So with Tim’s referral I went off to the hair salon to meet Ozzy.  She was super sweet and combed through my hair with a look of “what have you been doing to your hair” My hair was a bit knotty because I stopped using conditioner while traveling and I just have given up on my hair since it is crying for color. 
She has little recommendation for my hair, which was disappointing because I expected an expert opinion on exactly what to do.  While staring at all her celebrity pictures and watching her cut hair, I see she is truly an expert of cut, but she says that she worked for the Taj for ten years and did plenty of color. She shows me the color book and I am disappointed again.  No expert stylists use the color book with my hair.  I am just not feeling the whole thing and she tells me to just deep condition my hair for two months and then go back for color.  I agree that I need to take better care of my hair and I will just put up with the roots and orange like color.  So this is yet ANOTHER hair salon I walk into and I walk out again with my hair looking a mess.  Oh Priscilla!

Next to this was a European pizza café that looked quite and nice for writing.  I strolled in and was welcomed by a nice, young man-quite thin wearing jeans and a royal blue dress shirt. We end up talking and he was born in India, but lived in London for the past five years.  He recently opened up this European café that sells wood fired pizza and fresh pastas.  He had me taste test the pasta to give him my honest American opinion-noodles not al denti and sauce was bland, but for India it is a nice try.  I am proud of Anu for being an entrepreneur and thinking outside the box with his European café in the middle of Bombay central.  Anu says, “I’m a believer and  a lover of Joan of Arc.” 
I meet his partner of the restaurant and we just talk about India-Bombay vs. Delhi.  Bombay is the economic capital of India with 75 percent stemming from Bombay.  Delhi is racist and things there are superior to all states in India.  His partner, Sahim, looks like Bollywood star with his beautiful, long black hair and nice looking face.  They say they want to take me to the hott Bollywood spots and I agree to go out with them Friday night.  Anu also invites me to a movie taping the next night as well.  

It is around 7 o’clock and it is time for me to go see my movie in the Fame Cinema nearby.  Anu asks if he can accompany me and I accept without hesitation.  He is a cool person who I get along with and not to mention I needed a translator for my Hindi movie.  I enjoy my movies more when I have at least some translation.  I loved the movie and I loved my English translation.  Everything went well until the nauseousness came on.  I had drank a fruit shake off the street, which is a “No, no, no” for me, but I asked and I got the response of “No water and no sugar.” I know to not drink the fruit shakes because they have ice, but it just looked so good in it’s pretty papaya pink color that I could not resist.  This caused an upset stomach, which caused nausea, which caused a fever and which caused me a day off of my schedule.  Next day no Bollywood movie taping, no nightclubs, just rest and relaxation before leaving Saturday to Udaipur. 

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