Friday, March 23, 2012

Elephant Festival in The Amazing Jaipur

Oh Incredible Rajasthan is right-this day was again almost perfect except for some difficulty getting home at the end of the night. 
Arriving at the elephant festival super early to get a spot, I see many, many tourists.  Previous to coming, I was told that the elephant festival was created for foreigners, which disappointed me because I thought it was a local tradition-what!
Anyways, at ANY event I will make it a local one by getting to know each and every person at the event- from the person who runs it to those playing in the bands to those taking care of the elephants. It takes place at a large polo field with a very nice seating arrangement and decorated elegantly.  

We have a big couch surfing group sitting and I immediately get up to do some exploring.  I go and talk with the local Jaipur brass band, which I love the brass band and attended a miniature festival in Canada.  They travel all over Europe and went to Vancouver for a show.  I then proceed to get to know the other Anand band and the chunk of love makes me so happy.  His name is Rikesh and he has been playing in the band for 40 years- adorable.  

The day just gets better and better after this.  The elephant festival begins with the elephants parading around with live music and local dances.  Everyone is taking photos and more photos.  I sneak myself onto the field and this is where all the craziness begins.  I meet a couple photographers for the newspapers who are taking my photo, I dance with a huge circle of people surrounding me to the beat of the drum, I take numerous pictures with the elephants, the colors start coming out-pink, purple, green, orange, flower petals being thrown into the air, interview with the local news, everyone is taking my photo-attention-attention, everyone is saying “Happy, Happy Holi”, I sporadically run into other couchsurfers and we laugh and have color wars, the live music is incredible with local instruments and dancing, I run into the band members and we all dance together. This day goes down as another amazing day in Rajasthan!

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