Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Danger stay away from the Kashmere Men!

My local Tibetan buddy tells me that I should watch out for the “Kashmere Men” because they are trouble.  Without his words of advice, I have already experienced that they are “trouble.” The two Kashmere boys in their shop who were really cute, but making sexual advances towards me in an aggressive manner.  But they are not all bad apples, there was the nice angel from Trivinamalai.  I have no interest in Indian men, but the Bollywood Mumbai type, Shimla(Punjab), and Kashmere.  I have not been to Kashmere, but Kashmere wins over everyone.  Kashmere have a Turkish, Moroccan, Israeli look and it is totally my type. 

Looking for hotels in McLeod(Dharmasala), I come across Café Akash across the street. On a royal bed sitting in front of a TV sits the owner smoking a cigarette.  He has curly dark hair, dark eyes, just enough facial hair, tanned complexion, and perfect smile.  I feel my heart stop for just a second as it is refreshing to actually see my type in India! He walks me up to the room and not saying much, he just opens the room and stands in the middle smoking a cigarette and looking hot.  I drink some water quickly and tell him that I am going to have to pass.  The room is like Kashmere decorated with their amazing fabrics, prints, and colors. It looks like true royalty, but it is not in my price range and I think it is best for me to stay away from the trouble.  I am here to focus in on writing and reading not flirt with Kashmere men.  When I leave he tells me, “ The door is always open for you so feel free to come back.” He gives me THE LOOK and I know I need to stay away from him.  Keeping a distance from the trouble a step in the right direction of my new ways=)

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