Friday, March 23, 2012

The Mumbai Train

The train in Mumbai is like a TV show or movie I could just sit and watch for hours.  You always come across something new and exciting you have not seen before.  My first day in Mumbai I sat at the train station stop and just watched people jumping on and off the trains, the rush, the laborers, the business men, the school children, the mothers, the Muslims, Nuns, and the elderly.  

In Mumbai, they have a choice of first and second class compartment and they have separate compartments for ladies and gentlemen.  For a tourist who does not know the difference between these compartments, it is difficult to get to the specified compartment in time because people move quickly-even faster than New York. 
The sense of urgency is interesting to see as people rush off like it is the end of the world.  Two to three stops before their actual stop, they get ready to jump off the train.  This morning I accidentally went into the small compartment with the men.  They pushed on and off with bakery items on their head, boxes on their head, smelly arm pits in my face, and people stepping on my shoes. Boys are pulling out suitcases selling ipod cases and jewelry in the woman’s class   A man hanging so far off the train, he looks close to falling, but no worries these men and women are trained professionals ha!
Love, love the train Mumbai

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