Friday, March 23, 2012

Bollywood Like Hollywood

Walking around Mumbai, I see that Bollywood is not that far from Hollywood.  The nice cars, fancy hotels, hair salons, cafes/restaurants, jewelry stores, the big malls, and $5 coffees.  Many times I felt like I was walking on Sunset Boulevard of California or on Beverly Boulevard in Bandura area of Mumbai.   The men walk around with Ray ban sunglasses and Ed Hardy shirts or tight muscle tees-that is Bollywood and that is Hollywood too. But the difference is that Bollywood is presenting a natural beauty and Hollywood is presenting a fake beauty.   

Being in India for a couple months, I have grown very fond of Bollywood.   As a young girl, I would watch the Bollywood movies on visits with my Dad and I just loved the energy and excitement.  I would always look at the Indian women with such admiration for their unbelievable beauty.  Today, I still look at them that way.  I watch them in the Bollywood mesmerized by their curves, long, gorgeous hair, perfect skin, and curvy figures.  They look like Princess Jasmines from Aladdin and the men looks like Princes.   Lately I just love to sit and watch the Bollywood music videos over and over and over again.  They could play the same song a few times and I would still watch it like it was my first times.  The women are truly beautiful and that is not the case in Hollywood as much is surgically enhanced.  Bollywood Solo Traveler Loves Bollywood!

                As the saying goes in India Bollywood and Hollywood

Same same, but different

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