Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Playboy of Jasalmer

Leave it to Priscilla, to meet the Playboy of the city.  I always manage to meet the men that are are well connected, successful, suave, and charmers.  It has been this way for a long time therefore this does not come as a surprise to me rather it may just be expected. 
His playboy status was a bit contradictive because he does not come off as your typical playboy. According to him, he is quite selective with the women he chooses. Being sweet and kind may just be an act, but I can tell he is a good quality person.

The title of "Playboy" has been given by his city along with the status of "married with kids".  My one friend, G, who was a jolly, sweet, married man decides to tell me over lunch that my host is "married" and a "Playboy".  I did not at all expect my friend to dish out such gossip, but these men are ruthless. It is quite entertaining how I walk the streets and random shop ownersa approach me and say, "He is married and he is a playboy." I am sure this supposed Playboy status rumor or fact has been floating around the town for a few years now. 

This same rumour applied to my Turkish boy who was called the Casanova of Istanbul.  Who knows if these rumors are true or just created by haters. Initially, I believed the rumors of both these men, but I then after discussion with them. I realized that I could not make snap judgements on them without asking their side of the story. 

    Is it true there are two sides to every story or are we sometimes just blind to the truth ?

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