Friday, March 23, 2012

Writing Behind Due to Constant Interaction

With a life of service to God and his people, I am constantly approached my others.  I am always talking, listening, learning, asking questions, and involved with the culture.  Being a foreign tourist, people are very interested in learning and getting to know me.  Indians are always extending their kindness and generosity towards me and curious to learn about American culture.   This takes a lot of time from my day/writing, but it is of course worth it and it is part of my life’s purpose to be of service to others. 

At the end of the day everything I am doing is all connected. The writing is on notebooks, receipts, inside of books I am reading, on brochures, maps, it is overloading!  
The theories piece together like a puzzle except it is not an ordinary puzzle it is the reality of life and human behavior unraveling. PRIS
Traveling+ life moments+ behavior analysis+ psychological theory+ cultural comparison+ art/history+God/spirituality/landmarks+photography       
= My life

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