Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Kind Spirit from Delhi

Throughout my stay in Jaselmer, I kept running into the same old man on the streets.  He has a long gray beard, wearing a blue fisherman hat, a light blue shirt, and faded blue jeans.  Each time I see him he is wearing the same outfit with the same kind smile.  First, I saw him at the fort and then I saw him at the Haveli’s and then I saw him at the German Bakery.  At the German bakery, we sat and had lassi and he discussed his interest in various psychological theories.  It was thrilling to talk with someone about psychology who actually has studied, read thoroughly, and attended many conferences.  He describes himself as a “life wanderer.” And I tell him how much I admire his sense of curiosity and wonder.  He says he had choices in his life, but he decided to take a different route and on this route-he looks sincerely happy. 
We go for lunch for some Spinach momos at my favorite place, Shanti café.  He talks more about his past-separation from his wife who was a French anthropologist.  She chose her career over her marriage- I think to myself go French girl.  He shares with me his travels through the Middle east and Morocco.  He tells me he is amazed with how many people I “meet and greet.” Every time he sees me I am always talking to someone new or in a new place.  I share with him my purpose to be with others and he verbalizes that he has a deeper understanding of where this I coming from and I do too.
Parting ways, I go to exchange contact information with him and his mannerisms are so cute.  He pulls out a small little notebook with coffee stains and looks through it for his home address.  He does not have email therefore he gives his home address in Delhi.  His home address is faded out inside the book and I can make it out except for half of the zip code is missing.  He looks at me kindly with a confused look.  He says he is not sure of the zip code, but I can look it up.  No email and no full address- a true wanderer of the road=) Peace be with you my dear friend..

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