Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day With My Guru

Started off with my friend Malee(another spiritual seeker, but not officially a sadu because he is in stage 3).  I planned to go with him to sunset either today or tomorrow, but had mentioned it was best to meet tomorrow.  I walked out of my hotel and ran into him on the street.  I am surprised to see him as I took a different route to avoid the spiritual seekers-only so I could go WRITE, but again I am interacting and spending time with others and unable to write.  It is important to spend time and learn from this man.  He is full of wisdom, knowledge, and life experience. He accompanied me to the Brahma temple and the Savatri temple where we discuss the stages for spiritual human beings.  The difference between sadus, babas, and gurus.  His life of materialism that he detached from and now travels around India spreading happiness to his followers and meeting many international world leaders.  He used to spend time at the temple where John Lennon loved to go and he would educate tourist groups on the ashram/temple.  His conversation is quite interesting and educational and I want to keep talking, but I keep my eye on the time as I have plans to meet with my guru.  The time is passing by and before I know it, it is 1pm and I am late to meet with my guru.  

I arrive at 1:30pm and apologize over and over for my inexcusable lateness. This is common for me to be very popular when traveling and having so many people and things to do(the complete opposite of what one would think while traveling SOLO).  He gives me lunch subji and rice and a banana.  He likes to give out oranges and bananas to everyone-so cute.  We head to the Old Pushkar together where we sit and have Chai with fellow Babas, cleanse in the holy water, pray in the local temples, meditate, share our ideas about his ashram, and take photos.  He really wants me to be his assistant for his ashram, but he mentions that he would need me to "collect the money." Many would think this is a money making attempt, but it is an honest attempt.  He is a guru who selflessly gives himself to others and he wants to build an ashram( not a casino or a hotel). If I can help him, I should because it would be supporting his PURPOSE and that is what I am here to do-help others believe in their purpose and being-maximizing their potential. PRIS

We go back to Pushkar where there is a parade of colors celebration with the streets being colored, horses dressed up, the brass band is playing, and the dress is beautiful. Waiting for the parade to start, I go to take a walk leaving my Guru at the beginning of the parade.  I start to walk back and I see him approaching.  He is with another follower who he does not seem very fond of.  He takes the ring of fresh flowers off her neck and places them on me.  He then asks for another ring of flowers, which he gives me.  We really have a special relationship and I feel like I have a real father.  Someone who worried about me, cares, and wants the best for me.  

It is time for my sunset mantra ceremony to make his role in my life official and permanent.  On the Pushkar lake, he sets up the incense, coconut, and flowers.  I have to bless the lake with the incense and then stick them in the ground.  I throw handfuls of flowers in the lake to release the bad karma and I repeat back his words, which involve respect towards my guru and sacrifice to living in a healthier way.  We both place flowers around each others neck and I smile brightly at him after finished.  He tells me again, “Two bodies, one soul.” We say this to each other throughout the day and I just appreciate our whole day together.  He is well respected by the city of Pushkar and I was blessed to have spent such quality time with him.

After the ceremony, we share some bananas and take some more photos.  He places a bracelet on my wrist, durga on my head, and a mala around my neck.  He blesses the mala and makes another small prayer. He really wants me to stay in Pushkar and he offers to bring me food everyday, but I know that life keeps moving.  My guru will stay with me close to my heart literally as he wants me to get a locket with his picture in it. He is adorable and I cherish my time with him. 

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