Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pris Loves the Sieks

Heading to Chandigargh was an absolute pleasure due to the nice locals that I met on the bus and my crazy bus driver friend.  I just love the Siek bus drivers wearing the ray ban sunglasses and turbins-it is so cute. 
My one friend on the bus worked on a ship as an engineer so he was discussing all his amazing world travels-traveling the world on a ship and making good money-smart way to do it.  He is traveling with his mother back to his village near Amritsar

Like many people that sat next to me on the bus, the nice man sitting directly next to me was Siek.  I was just going to read my book, but we began to chat and it was the perfect learning opportunity to learn about the Siek religion.

Siek(a man learning throughout their lifetime) 

The reading is the Guru Granth

They follow the teaching of ten different gurus and different worships

No physical being following and 500 years old

Sing(is a name of the Siek)

4 rounds script vs. Hinduism which has 7

Four devotional Siek signs:

The silver bracelet on right wrist

No cutting hair or beard

Specific underwear

Turbin and special comb inside the hair

Siek women have similar characteristics and it is common for Sieks to marry Sieks, but with times changing many of these rules are changing.  I saw many Sieks who had their beard cut with cleaned facial hair.  It is the older generation holding on to traditional ways. 
My friend was heading to the temple with his wife for his mother in law’s 100 year old birthday.  The way he peels his orange so softly and speaks in such a kind manner.  He extends a warm offer to come to his home if I visit Chandigarh again.   We agreed to take a photo with one another at the bus stop.  But unfortunately my crazy bus driver did not give me a chance to get my bag and just kept moving.  He moved me all the way to the other side of the bus station. I told him, “Wait, wait, my friend.” There I went jumping off the bus to see if I could find him to say a formal “Goodbye”, but he was gone into the crowds of people. 

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