Friday, March 23, 2012

Staying in My Own Palace in Udaipur

Viewing the many palaces in Udaipur, I was blessed to actually stay in one with my host.  My CS host of Udaipur lives in a beautiful home and I stay with a French couple in the guest bedroom, which is big enough for five people.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cooked and delivered by the servant. His family is in the marble business and he lives in nicely secured gated community of Udaipur.  He is treated like a Prince and I can tell that he does not have one financial worry in the world.  At breakfast, we discover that he has never eaten an actual whole orange because it has always been in the form of juice.  Oh the life of the wealthy! 

That is besides the point because he truly was a great host and a wonderful person. He was so accommodating and interested in showing us the beautiful city. We went to the Monsoon palace with an amazing view point, Moti Magri at Pearl Hill, and local places he enjoys.  When we are driving, he even collides into another car-damaging the front of his SUV and he then just switches cars and keeps showing us around. Thankful for my palace and my nice host of Udaipur!

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