Friday, March 23, 2012

Please No More Shocks

As human beings, we become conditioned to respond in specific ways overtime.  Over the past 27 years, I have been used to just treating outlets and electrical sockets like they are a refrigerator or cabinet door.  I just quickly plug in my electronic device and sometimes pull it out of the wall by just the cord.  Being shocked by the outlet does not even enter my mind.  I can not even think of a time when this happened in the US.  
In India, the outlets are “special” where you have to switch it on and off for power.  When the power is on, the outlet gets very hott and since India is extra special they do not give you an indication of an outlet being on or off- for instance a red or green marking would be appropriate.  I usually know by the power light on my electronic device being lit up.  

Being impulsive and in a hurry at times, I forget about this stupid switch and I end up getting shocked.  The first time was really bad as I experienced a full body shock that had me feeling quite warm after.  After the first time, there was a second, third, fourth and fifth.  I have shocked myself five times in India with all of those times being full body shocks.  It happens so quickly that I do not take my hand away in time and I am shocked.  I wonder how many brain cells I am losing each time I do this? The Nazis and the Khymer rouge used shock as a common form of torture and these people survived.  I have survived and I live to tell about my shocking experiences ha!

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