Friday, March 23, 2012

Hotel Taj Prince Ends up Being a Frog

After showers with cups of cold water and beds that were just on hard surfaces, I just wanted  a little bit of materialism.  The bed was like heaven and I fell asleep rather quickly, but it all went downhill after that point.  The electricity shut off leaving me unable to charge my computer.  There was no hot water and I woke up to the blaring music yet again.  I just could not escape the music.  At 7 am I receive a phone call asking me when I am going to check out.  I just want to enjoy sitting in bed and enjoy some tea and writing.  Things keep going down hill and then to make things worse, I receive a knock at the door and it is Lucky. I expected to not see him again and he shows up telling me it is my time to leave. “My time to leave?” Since when did I get a 8am check out time.  I tell him I am not leaving until noon.  He is obviously being a jerk because he did not get to spend time with me.  I decide that this whole thing is not a good idea and I check out and take my stuff to Taj security for the day.
Lesson: When it feels too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

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