Sunday, March 4, 2012

Palolin Beach and the Pevert

Trying to find the nice beach of Goa, I decided to head to Palolin beach as it was recommended by friend of mine.  Arriving there, I saw the same tourist trap shops selling clothes, jewelry, and tea.  I was bothered by riksha drivers and locals trying to sell me a guest room.  I took off my shoes, hopped on the beach, and burnt my feet.  I could not deal with being out on the beach midday in the hot sun.  I have turned into a chocolate raisinet being out in the sun for so many days. 

I decided to stop at a tourist trap hut restaurant on the beach.  I dropped my stuff off and then immediately headed to the beach water.  I needed to feel water on my skin with all this heat.  The water was the cleanest of Goa, but not necessarily beach clean.  At the end of the beach, there are some nice cliffs and on the beach there are Bacardi tents, electronic music, a million restaurants/bars, and your typical tourists from France, Germany, and Russia.  The beach huts to stay in were cute, but I was unimpressed yet again with Goa.  I ordered some Goan fish curry and smiled extra at the waiter hoping to get some extra fish in there-turns out I got more than fish.  He brings out my food and while putting the napkins down-he grazes my leg.  I said, "Excuse me." I was giving him the benefit of the doubt thinking it was possibly an accident.  He apologizes and then asks the standard questions. I respond with little interest and eventually say, "Okay, I am going to eat now." Goan fish curry was my only focus at 4pm in Goa ha! He continues to just stand there staring at me like a weirdo and eventually disappears for a bit. 
When I ask for the bill, he brings me back a bill not charging me for the water and roti.  I just take this as an apology for groping me and give him 100 rupee. Waiting for my change, he comes back with a big smile and an even bigger request.  He asks me if I would go into the bathroom with him for just ten minutes.  I sat and looked at him with my, "Are you kidding me right now" look.  I just calmly sat there because I wanted to hear what he was going to say next.  He said, "But I just really like you and it looks like you are leaving."  I do not even respond and I just get up and walk out hence the post pervert meets Palolin. 
He disappears for a bit and then brings me the bill back not charging me for the water.  I take this as an apology for groping me and just give him money to get change back. He
Having a bad experience, God makes up for it introducing me to a lovely Christian man, John.  John was the higlight on my bus back to Margoa to go to Hampi.  My bus driver was MIA and I needed the bus to be on time so I could cetch my bus out of Goa-very important. A guy outside the bus said to me, "At this rate it may just come next year." Although, he looked a bit Indian, I knew that this could not be a local using my kind of sarcasm-turns out it was not a local.  It was John, John is from Denmark, but has been in Goa since November because his Aunt passed away.  Here is another example of a simply happy person.  He works at a bank in Demark and talks about his dislike for the cold weather, but he loves the peacefulness of Denmark.  He says that Demark has one of the highest suicide rates next to Finland and non-chilantly mentions eating breakfast and seeing someone jump off the top of his buidling-this is common in Demark. We sit on the bus enjoying one another's company.  He is so peaceful that his energy is transmitting over to me, which was helpful because the bus driver was a bit irritating.  John said he wish I was staying longer so I could come stay at his place and he could show me the nicer areas of Goa-I wish I was too John-enjoyed meeting this wonderful man=)

And what happened with the bus? I ended up making it by 2 minutes-surrender and let him decide and he did=)


  1. Hey priscilla,you should have really visited gokarna,goa is waaayyyy to commercialised..and you should have gone to kudle beach and paradise beach in would have loved..its peaceful,clean,beautiful..and no russians..ha!!..most of the europeans prefer these beaches,as they have shacks too,clean and tidy:)

  2. And i guess,debra must have mailed you about me..really loved your blogs..especially goa-a place for indians to release,each and every word is true..we indians are really scared of lot of stuff,especially god n all..i hope the coming generation will understand the importance of travelling and how little things own dream is discover europe alone..lets see how it goes:)..have a nice day!!