Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Place To Make the Pain Go Away

Where can I go to feel better? I am not in the mind state to mediate to pray. I am just too upset.  I need a place where I can feel like home, feel relief, feel good…Domino’s pizza 
The first time I went to Dominos pizza was in Bangalore(after my discovery that India even had pizza chains) and this was my second time.  Many may think Dominos pizza in India should not be visited, but it is a special place.  The staff is so sweet and nice that they make you forget all your worries and just enjoy.  This is what happened when I entered and talked with my new friend Swapan about my day.  He apologized and felt so bad for my troubles.  He even went outside the Dominos to go get me a Diet coke because I do not l like regular.  I was so content sitting there and eating my veg single pizza and watching Bollywood videos-so content I ordered another veg single pizza.  It pretty much just serves a temporary purpose-filling the void, numbing the problem, and just putting a band aid on(a cheap band aid that falls off in a few days). 

Swapan gave me a ride to the bus station and I morphed back into friendly Priscilla-being my entertaining self, removing the fresh flowers off my neck and blessing the buses and restaurants, sharing coffee with a local from Delhi, and shoeing a way a dog with broom stick making the bus station laugh. The man making the tea is smiling so brightly at me it touches my soul. He gives me a firm yet loving handshake,  A handshake that tells me,” Don’t worry everything will be alright.”  The gray cloud hanging over my head had been lifted, but when will it return and will I find a positive, more appropriate way to cope with the inefficiency of India?


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