Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here I am

Always growing up and comparing myself to others, I am learning to grow comfortable in my own skin.  The shoulds are what always get in the way of ones life. I should have a Doctorate degree by 30, I should have traveled more in a real way, I should have more success, and I always can be doing more. 
As human beings, we can always do more and have many varying potentials.  Exploring these potentials is important otherwise they waste away with time and you sit and wonder why you waited or disregarded life's passions. 

Even though, I have not accomplished everything perfectly or timely.  I have had life experiences that are precious leaving me with theories and writing to last a lifetime.  The experiences I had negatively or positively shaped my being leading me to be able to theorize and write about it.  The 10 years of studying psychology, behavior analysis, exposure to various populations, endless education, the field experience, the traveling, and most importantly the real life experience-contributed to me blossoming into not only a psychoanalyst, but a writer.   

Life has thrown its curve balls, but those curve balls are what truly made me grow.   Having a perfect “cookie cutter” life does not help test ones character  and response. With extraordinary moments, moments of struggle, and my higher power always on my side I have learned a tremendous amount about LIFE and myself to improve my action and own behavior. 
Many of my life experiences are meaningless without the influence of my higher power. It is my higher power that has created me and made me alive and dedicated to service of others. Sometimes it takes people a negative event, a death, an accident, or a lifetime to find their spirituality and have an ephiphany of truly living, breathing, and experiencing the beauty of this life. This relationship has been solid for a long time and it will continue to grow with time and my dedication and commitment.

At the end of the day my life is 100 percent real.  I had my life and experiences on facebook, I live to tell about it on a blog, I verbalize my experiences with others, and educate them.  I do not have a PhD in education, but I am developing a PhD in life and that is truly meaningful.   I am just an imperfect human being who are you?

Some people go through their life staying in one room.  They open the door to realize there home is full of rooms.  Rooms with sunlight and some rooms with darkness, but it takes going through the door to find out what lies beyond. PRIS

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