Monday, March 5, 2012

Never Can say Good Bye- It is just Until We Meet Again...

Waking up at 9am when I was suppose to wake up at 8 was not a good move, but I was sleeping so peacefully and I guess deep down I really did not want to leave my Hampi Family.  And I am getting used to my showers with the measuring cup and bucket, especially learning how to conserve water because I like to use a lot of it. 
Mama keeps her eyes on me as I get my things ready, drink some chai, and say my good byes.  She disappears for a bit and then reappears with the baby.  She grabs my hand softly and speaks Kannada saying, “Stay” translates Shakar.  She gives the baby to her daughter, gives me a hug, and starts to cry.  I sit down on the steps with her and comfort her giving her reassurance that things will be okay.  My eyes begin to tear, but I do not cry.  I wondered why I did not cry. Maybe it is because I have to say so many goodbyes and I am not forming such deep attachments because I know it is going to come to an end.

Saying my good byes and thank you’s to everyone, I see my buddy Rama sitting in our common area.  He calls me over, “Parilla, Parilla.” He is wearing his pink shirt and durga and he smells like alcohol.  He offers me a black tea and I polite fully decline.  He pulls out a bottle of rum from the bottom of the table.  I tell him, “Rama, it is a bit early for Rum.” He just smiles, does his head nod, and keeps drinking.  We share a masala omelet, both pulling at it with our hands.  I ask him how often he drinks and he stuffs the omelet in his mouth saying it is just the morning and evening ha! He has his own guesthouse and dry cleaning service and he also has a bit too much to drink, but that is okay because Rama is the cutest.

We part ways and I try to get my self moving to the boat and bus otherwise I know I am going to miss the Mumbai train.  I have to make my rounds and say bye to 5 or 6 more people basically the whole village, which takes me some more time.  My one friend says, the village will miss their celebrity-I kind of felt like on at times with getting to know so many people. 

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