Friday, March 23, 2012

Priscilla Is A Cougar for The First time in Her Life

I can not believe it, but it is true- I am a cougar flirting with a 20 year old boy. I rarely ever like younger boys, but I feel like a cougar on the prowl.  I look at him with such lust and tempted to just touch him. Most people outside the US do not know the word cougar so I will just briefly say that it means an older woman dating a younger man.  This is common for women in their 40s or 50s to date someone younger to feel youthful while enjoying a young man.    

 It is bizarre because I do not like younger guys at all and just a couple days ago I met the 40 or so old artist who was quite interesting to me. It always happens where my interest with men comes in pairs.  Interest is averaging about 1-2 guys every 3-5 months, but I meet the guys in back to back timing.  In Southeast Asia, I was interested in a couple guys and they both had girlfriends so that amounted to nothing.  This young one appears to be my first real interest in five months-wow! 
Also, it should be known that I am not the only one with interest in him.  He tells me about how he is a playboy with many girlfriends and he has older women interested in him all the time.  This helps me not feel like such a weirdo ha! 

I came home from our family Holi party where I danced like a fool with a broom stick and had everyone on the ground laughing hysterically-moments I wonder why I am not recorded for a TV show. When we were at this house, I just kept staring at the clock wanting to leave and go see him. 

Throughout my time in Jaipur, I could tell that we were both interested by our looks at one another, but no one was making a move.  We both just have poker faces around each other acting cool.  We had a grape throwing contest and the sexual tension builds ha! He is seriously so cute for a 20 year old.  I just keep eyeing his washboard stomach and the happy trail that leads down his navel.  I believe this is what happens when you practically diminish physical contact and turn into a virgin mary ha! 
We just act like two kids flirting with each other and it amounts to nothing, but it is fun and nice to feel attracted to someone for a change.  We just keep our distance from one another, but the attraction builds to be continued.... 

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