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Magic Bus Organization NGO


Magic Bus is an Indian non-profit working with children from marginalized communities. We work through a researched, activity-based curriculum we have designed, to bring about behaviour change. Using the medium of sport, our programs work with children and communities towards gender equality, better education, health and livelihood opportunities.

Founded in 1999, Magic Bus is the first organisation in India to deliver high impact development programmes that use a sport-based curriculum for community development.

Currently we work with nearly 2,00,000 children and 6000 young adults from 7 States - Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Uttar Pradesh. These young adults are from the same communities where the programmes run. We build their competency in delivering the sports for development programme and in mentoring skills for the younger children.

By 2014, Magic Bus plans to reach 1 million children across some of India's poorest villages and neighbourhoods. 


Case Stories

The real impact of what we do – we have been able to reach out to, touch and make a difference in many lives across the country. We are proud to share some of them with you:
  1. Bunty and Pawan play together: Even though kids at Lalithabag used to play, but it was never so much of fun in a ground in the old Hyderabad city. Eight-year-old Bunty feels very happy to play with other kids. Kicking the footballs and throwing hand ball was something he had never done before. He says, “My mother had never let me play in this playground because it was always occupied with other elder children. It is when Praveen bhaiya, a community sports coach (CSC), came and spoke to my mother, she let me come here.” Like Bunty, 12-year-old Pawan shares that girls did not play with boys, neither in the ground nor in the school, prior to Magic Bus sessions. He adds “I’m really thankful to Magic Bus anna (bhaiya) for starting new culture in our area by bringing boys and girls to play together equally without any discrimination. I will continue to support Magic Bus in this gender issue.”
    Pawan is very excited about the equipment he gets to play with. He says, “While watching sports news I used to think Football is a foreigners’ game because I never saw Indian playing football on television. Now I feel proud that I am playing a new game which I used to think is very difficult to play with legs."

  2. Komal becomes a role model: Komal is a 16-year-old girl from the old city of Hyderabad. She belongs to a section of society where both her parents work as a daily wage labourers to sustain their family. Apart from herself and her parents, Komal has two younger sisters Puja and Punam. While Komal and Puja left their studies after untimely death of their elder brother, their youngest sister Punam manages to be regular to school.
    Komal underwent seven-day Community Sports Coach (CSC) training at Magic Bus. She takes sports for development sessions with 27 kids on every Sunday. In addition to household chores, now she has something extra and interesting to do. Though her being a volunteer doesn’t contribute to her family’s finances, she has a new found interest in sports and play, something that she missed during her childhood. Her sisters also attend the sessions regularly. Komal says, “Magic Bus has brought back the joy of playing. It was long back that we sisters played happily. My confidence has increased and I feel I can become a good sports teacher. I want to work with Magic Bus”. She further adds, “Puja and I will fully support our sister Punam in achieving her goal. We lost our brother to untimely diagnose and had to leave our studies due to inadequate income.”

  3. Rahul and Mahesh come up for cleanliness: Rahul (12) and Mahesh (11) live in Hasanpur community of East Delhi. As young kids they never got the freedom to play freely in their community. Because of lack of resources, they played with pebbles, stones and marbles. Mahesh enjoyed looking at the nearby ground where kids from neighbouring societies would play cricket, and anxiously wait for the ball to come in his direction.
    When Magic Bus came and introduced their sessions at Hasanpur community, Rahul and Mahesh got a chance to play with a football. Rahul says, “It is so much fun to play with Magic Bus’ Ayush bhaiya as he gets the football and other playing equipment with him. I really enjoy playing and singing jingles with all my community friends.” Mahesh adds, “Bhaiya (mentor) not just plays with us but also tells us how important it is to keep our surroundings clean. He tells us about good habits.” As an effect of Magic Bus intervention in Hasanpur community, kids are now aware of their surroundings and find it important to keep it clean. They also enjoy playing with their friends. True to its objective of sports for development, Magic bus continues to hold sessions with kids in the community.


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