Friday, March 23, 2012

Everything Goes on The Head

In India, the head is not just used for thinking rather it is an essential source of transportation for goods.  It is not just in the village, but in the cities too you will always find someone with something on the head.  Newspapers, containers, luggage, laundry, fruit, sticks, rocks, metal containers, and all types of food I have seen carried on the head.  Having interest in “doing like the locals,” I decided I would give this a try so I tried with the common water.  Looking at them balance things so easily, I thought I would be able to do this no problem.  There is a cushioned pad placed underneath what is carried on the head, which helps to balance.  I decided to help collect the water from the river when I was in Hampi.  The young girl from my home stay helped me get the small cushion onto my big head.  I started with a small jug of water walking for about 30 seconds.  I became cocky thinking I could walk faster and that is when off goes the pink jug right onto the ground.  The girls and family members are laughing, but say I did well for my first time.  It is definitely harder then it looks.  Hats off to the people of India utilizing their head and giving their hands a break. 

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