Friday, March 23, 2012

The Non Chilant

In my Yogi book on, “How to Make your life worth Diamonds.” It is directed towards men becoming yogis, but the points are meaningful and useful towards spiritual growth for males and females.  It mentions the peaceful human beings that I refer to in my blog and they are called the “non-chilant.” I forgot about this word, but realize that it definitely rings true with these spirtuallly advanced human beings.  Non-chilant does not sound like a spiritual term, but when described by a yogi it makes complete sense.   Reading this book, the yogi makes this to be the ultimate and perfect lifestyle for living.  This perfect  lifestyle may take years to attain and it is not ideal for most. Most people can not live like a yogi as people need to express their needs, wants, desires, passions, and be human. These yogis are acting in an ideal manner and demonstrate true dedication and spiritual enlightment.  The tips here are quite challenging, but they are to elevate the self and make a life worth a diamond or for a man becoming a Raj yogi. 

1.)  Early Rising
It is best to wake up at 3am., but if not possible one can wake up at 4am.  At this time the mind is free from worries of day long occupations and is fresh and calm after a full nights sleep
2.)  Our first thought of the Day should be “ I am a Soul.” “ I am a conscious dot of light.” “ I am a child of shiva, the Supreme soul, who is ocean of knowledge, peace, bliss, and love who does good to all and grants happiness
3.)  Daily practice of yoga and study of knowledge in the spiritual classes
4.)  Spiritual Endevors
Our food should be Sattwic i.e. clean and conducive to the purity of our mind and should be based on principles of vegetarianism and honest earnings.  We should NOT eat with attachment or passion or as slaves to taste nor should we indulge in talk unless it is very essential, but keeping fully conscious the soul and with our hearts set on God we should take food***
5.)  The consciousness we should have while doing our daily work.
We should not profane this spiritual movement by yielding ourselves to sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment, or pride but should deal with people calmly and with sincere love, always being friendly and holy in all respects.  Like an actor in a play, the part I am playing is short-lived and it should be lived by spiritual means. 
6.)  Contentment and Non Entanglement
As long as we do not feel fully matured in our communion with God, we should not cease from endeavour we should not dishearten ourselves with the wrong thought that all this is very difficult or impossible to achieve.  We must not feel depressed if time and again we forget the soul and our goal and our mind moves away from God and gets entangled in earthly things
7.)  Remembrance of God at least for a few minutes per hour
A few minutes every hour one should contemplate our own selves and enjoy the bliss and remembrance of God lovefully and devoutly. 

8.)  Efforts in the Evening
Attend to household jobs, wash the body, and attend to family members. Practice yoga in the evening, have dinner, and go to sleep by 10 o’clock.

Acquiring Divine Virtues

1.)  Purity and control over senses
Pure heart and physical purity and pure spirit

2.)  Inwardliness
If anyone speaks ill of him or treats him with jealously, hatred, or anger he does not get agitated.  If a man admires him and tries to tempt and allure him, he does not get ensnared rather he maintains equanimity and purity of mind.
3.)  Tolerance
When hardship comes our way, we should learn to face it cheerfully remidng ourselves of the result of our past actions.  We should endure difficulties as our love for God-sacrifice. 
4.)  Receptivity to Virtue
We should not mark others evils intently and should not feel pricked by the defects of others but should as true yogis be always cheerful and happy and should be gentle towards them.  If ever some defects of others are captured by our attention, we should use the occasion to see if that defect is not somewhere lurking inside of us
5.)  Surrender to God
Our life is in his hands and we will work in his Godly service.  God will release us from attachment if we surrender our lives over to him-check.
6.)   Sweetness towards others
7.)  Delightfulness and Cheerfulness
8.)  Fearlessness
9.)  Nonchalance or Non Allignment
It is a state of non-prejudice and non alignment.  A man who is non-chalant and is unattached is not affected by waves of pleasure and pain or respect and disrespect
10.) Humility
Aware of shortcomings and listens to others feedback without becoming defensive.  
111.) Simple Heartedness
The more truthful, simple hearted, and straight forward a man the deeper his realization of self and the clearer his perception of God, The Blissful father.
12.) Conquest of Sleep
Sleep and rest are needed for good health, but one should stay focused on practice of yoga and not over sleeping
13.) Steadfastness, Self Reliance, and Intense Effort

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