Friday, March 2, 2012

And these are a few of my favorite things....

Masala Dosa/Idaly for breakfast
Water: Kinley

Song: Why this Kuala Veri

Hindi Actor: Salmaan Khan(bad boy)

Best Place visited: the Backwaters (Kollam to Allepey)

Favorite Indian Friend: Kumar from Storm Festival Coorg

Favorite Beach City: Kovalam

Favorite Lunch: Veg meals

Favorite Dinner: Chilly Paneer extra spicey

Favorite time of day: right after the sunrise and right before sunset

Favorite ice cream: Fig and honey

Favorite TV channel: Zoom tv and Mtv

Favorite fruit: Coconut

Favorite juice: orange carrot

Favorite gesture: the head bob back and forth

Favorite dessert: Carrot halva

Favorite drink: Mango Lassi

Favorite sari: Gold one for Sandeep’s wedding

Favorite street vendor: Coconut seller from Kovalam/ Banana seller from Mysor

Favorite sunset: Ooty

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