Friday, March 2, 2012

I strongly dislike trance music

People often lump all dance music together and are ignorant to the differences between sounds, beats, rhythms, and types of music.  When I say that I like dance music, people often think of techno and they will make a sound of a repetitive beat that completely annoys me. 
I have always had a good taste in my music.  Some may disagree, but we all have our personal preferences.  The music that I love are electronic, house beats with vocals.  I do not like techno, I can not stand listening to trance, and I

Electronic beats like Kaskade, David Guetta, Gabriel and Dresden, Sharam and deep dish, etc. beat through my veins.  I love the beats mixed with vocals, which usually speak of love, passion, music, soul, spirit, and life.  They make me feel ALIVE and I listen to them with my heart. 

People common label me as someone who loves to party.  Breaking this down into what I really love involves my love for the music and my desire to feel connected to these words and beats.  People who love electronic music understand that it is a lifelong love affair and it is not just about sitting and listening to one repetitive beat over and over. 

Instead of grouping music together, people should try and be aware that there are different types to all music.  One can not group together classical music, jazz, or pop as all the same types right? Being aware of my music flavors and going to Goa, I tried to give trance a chance and it is confirmed that I strongly dislike it.  I love all music, but trance is a no go on my list. 

Cheers to amazing music that touches the soul!! Where would we be without it?

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