Friday, March 2, 2012

Ride from Allepey to Munnar

Driving through Kerala is just incredible.  I know I say this about many of the bus drives, but what makes this one so special is the Christianity.  On each and every corner you see churches, nuns, trucks, cars, stores with "I love Jesus." I enjoyed this ride and enjoyed meeting my friend.  He reminds me of an Indian movie character from an American comedy-specifically from American Pie.  I tell him that my stomach is upset and he says, "Oh I am sorry, very sorry." He is such a sweet Indian man.  He speak about hsi 23 year old daughter who is an engineer and his wife who is a yoga instructor.  He is very proud of his family and his work accomplishments.  We talk about the social customs of India and he is confused with my lack of interest in marriage and says this is not common in India.  That is where my other half comes in-The American side ha!
Again, he asks me where I am staying and I tell him I plan to stay at a guesthouse in town.  He tells me he would love it if I came to stay with his family.  I accept his offer and off I go to his home to stay with his family.  When we arrive, I go to freshen up and put my bag away in the guest room.  I come out and find him in the kitchen chopping away ginger.  He says that he is worried about my stomach so he is making ginger tea.  He then says quickly, "Oh yes, black pepper too, that is good for you." He brings out cashews with pepper and dates and fresh ginger tea.  We watch CNN together on his nice flat screen T.V and continue to talk with his wife and daughter soon joining us.  Just one night there as I want to be at a local place in Munnar. 

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