Friday, March 2, 2012

Munnar to Cochin and My Life Flashing Before My Eyes

When the Indian bus drivers drive at an elevation like Munnar of about 5,000 feet you would think they would slow down a little bit for the turns, curves, and for safety precautions.  These buses just drive like maniacs through the hilltops making me question my life.  At any second, the bus can just tip right over the edge.  Driving to Munnar, we were on cliffs a couple thousand feet up with absolutely no barriers and nothing, but down on each side of the bus. 
This ride especially was a total rollar coaster ride and I was hesitant to take pictures thinking it might just go out the window.  My life is in God's hands so has kept me safe through these crazy bus rides and I am thankful for this. 

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