Friday, March 2, 2012

Kovalam to Varkala

Leaving Kovalam beach at 9pm because I was sitting with my fellow Swami having dinner and talking.  I have plans to head back to Trivandrum to then leave in the morning to Varkhala.  In a nice SUV, I see a german man get out and say, "Thank you."
I ask where he came from and he says that these guys own a hotel on the beach in Varkhala.  He vouches for them saying it is a nice, peaceful hotel and the guys are nice, trustful people.  
In the front seat sits these two Indian men(one chubby older man and another about mid thirties).  I tell them that my belongings are in Trivandrum and they agree to take me to Trivandrum to get my belongings and then to Varkhala-oh how fate works things out. 
Off i go to Varkala enjoying being in a CAR listening to nice,house electronic beats.  I am always on the bus or train traveling from city to city so I am thankful being in a nice SUV. 

The guy in the front is kind of cute, he is well dressed, and is interesting to talk with. We end up having dinner that night and after one dinner, he falls into the Priscilla Love spell.  "I do not like many tourists, but I really like you." Let me show you around tomorrow please."
I accept his offer to show me around town by motor bike and being a local-he knows the city and gives his insider perspective, which is always the best.  Something about this guy I kind of like so I decide to give him a chance and spend sometime with him the next day...

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